Tyndale Faculty Publications

John Wesley in Conversation with the Emerging Church

Dr. Patrick Franklin, Article in Asbury Theological Journal

School: Seminary & Graduate

Judah and the Judeans in the Persian Period

Dr. John Kessler, Chapter in Perisa's Loyal Yahwists: Power, Identity and Ethnicity in Achaemenid Yehud

School: Seminary & Graduate

Julian of Norwich: Her Life, Contribution, and Contemporary Significance

Dr. Arnold Neufeldt-Fast, Dr. Patrick Franklin, Chapter in Between the Lectern and the Pulpit: Essays in Honour of Victor A. Shepherd

School: Seminary & Graduate

Kalasha affricates: An acoustic analysis of place contrasts

Dr. Paul Arsenault, Article in Journal of South Asian Languages and Linguistics


Layman's Lapse: On An Incomplete Moral Argument for Theism

Dr. W. Paul Franks, Dr. Richard Davis, Article in Philo: A Journal of Philosophy

School: Undergraduate

Layman’s Lapse: On an Incomplete Moral Argument for Theism

Dr. Richard Davis, Dr. W. Paul Franks, Article in Philo: A Journal of Philosophy

School: Undergraduate

Listening to the Diaspora Church

Dr. Mark Chapman, Article in Faith Today

School: Seminary & Graduate


Dr. Benjamin Reynolds, Article in Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels, 2nd ed.

School: Undergraduate

Louise Pettibone Smith

Dr. Grace Ko, Chapter in Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters: A Historical and Biographical Guide

School: Seminary & Graduate

Love Matters: A counseling tool to assess couple relationships

Dr. Vincent Poon, Article in Canadian Fam Physician

School: Seminary & Graduate