Tyndale Faculty Publications


Dr. Grace Ko, Chapter in Oxford Handbook of the Minor Prophets

School: Seminary & Graduate


Dr. John Kessler, Article in Oxford Encyclopedia of Bible and Ethics

School: Seminary & Graduate

Haggai 2:5a: Translation, Significance, Purpose, and Origin

Dr. John Kessler, Article in Transeuphratène

School: Seminary & Graduate

Haggai, book of.

Dr. John Kessler, Article in Dictionary of the Old Testament Prophetic Books

School: Seminary & Graduate

Handbook to Asian North American Biblical Hermeneutics

Dr. Barbara Leung Lai, Chapter in Engaging Ecclesiastes Narratively and Polyphonically with a Chinese Lens: Traditional Wisdom and Collective Lived Experience

School: Seminary & Graduate

Hearing God's Bitter Cries (Hosea 11:1-9): Reading, Emotive-Experiencing, Appropriation

Dr. Barbara Leung Lai, Article in Horizons in Biblical Theology

School: Seminary & Graduate

Hearing Psalm 102 within the Context of the Hebrew Psalter

Dr. Andrew Witt, Article in Vetus Testamentum

School: Undergraduate

Hebrew Education through Feast and Festivals

Dr. Yau Man Siew, Article in Evangelical Dictionary of Christian Education

School: Seminary & Graduate

Holiness Tradition

Dr. James Pedlar, Article in Encyclopedia of Christianity in the United States

School: Seminary & Graduate

Humanitarian Space in Unconventional Warfare

Dr. Rupen Das, Chapter in Helping Hands & Loaded Arms: Navigating the Military and Humanitarian Space

School: Seminary & Graduate

I-Voice, Emotion, and Selfhood in Nehemiah

Dr. Barbara Leung Lai, Article in Old Testament Essays

School: Seminary & Graduate