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Accepted Residents Information

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Congratulations on being accepted to live in residence! Below is a list of information you need to know about moving into residence.

 Confirm Your Room in Residence

Once you have receive an email notification from Tyndale that you have been accepted into residence, you need to submit your residence deposit within 3 business days to confirm your intention to live in residence.

Submit your deposit online

Residence Payment Plans

Our payment plans will spread out your fees over several payments. Your initial payment is due in mid-August (Fall semester) or early December (Winter semester). Residents who are unable to make their initial payments may forfeit their room. Please contact the Residence Life Coordinator if you have questions.

View payment plan details

Move-in Dates

If you are flying into Toronto, you can come 1-2 days before move-in day. Only the Residence Advisor Team will be onsite. The cafeteria will not be open until move-in day.

† Please contact the Residence Life Coordinator for specific move-in dates or to make other arrangements.

Fall Semester

Type of Resident Earliest Move-in Date†
New Resident Sunday before Labour Day Monday
Returning Resident Tuesday through Friday after Labour Day Monday

Room Notification

You will receive an email indicating what room you will have and the type of room.This email will also indicate your residence fee that goes with this room type.

Medical or Accessibility Needs

Tyndale University is committed to creating an environment where students with disabilities are able to participate and integrate into its strong community. If you have a medical or accessibility need that requires a particular room style or a modification to the room space, please contact our Accessibility Specialist at accessibilityservice [at] tyndale [dot] ca.

Learn more about Accessibility Services for Residence

What to Bring to Residence

Suggested packing list

Download this packing list (PDF) which outlines items that you do want to bring to residence as well as items that are not permissible.

Medical Information

Canadian Students

Canadian students must bring their original government issues health card with them to Tyndale. Hospitals, doctor’s offices, and walk-in clinics will not accept photocopies or written medical numbers without the physical card.

International Students

International students will receive health insurance through Tyndale. Please talk with your Admissions Counselor for more information on what is involved.

Dietary Restrictions

If you have particular dietary restrictions, please contact the Residence Life Coordinator who will work with each student to ensure they are aware of what is available to them. Tyndale does not provide an allergy-free environment.

Getting From the Airport to Tyndale

Tyndale is not far from the airport so you may want to consider using an airport taxi service such as Aerofleet. You can also get to Tyndale using the public transit — please contact the Residence Life Coordinator for help using public transit.

Residence Advisor Team

Residence Advisors (RA) encourage and facilitate the development of the residents in all areas of their lives. They provide leadership for individual residence halls.

Learn more about the Residence Advisor Team


There are laundry rooms with equipped with an iron and ironing board.

Getting your Mail

Each resident is assigned a mailbox.  When giving out your Tyndale mailing address, it is crucial that you include your mailbox #, not your room number or Student ID#.  Use the following format:

Student Name
(mail box #1234)
3377 Bayview Ave.
Toronto, ON M2M 3S4

Internet Access

You can access the Internet anywhere on campus through Tyndale's WiFi network using your Tyndale email and password. Each residence room is also equipped with a data port which can be activated for a small fee per semester. There are multiple computer labs located around campus for you to use.

Navigating the Campus

If you are not sure where something is, check out the Where can I? questions. You can also download or view our campus maps.


Fish are the only pets allowed in residence. Fish tanks should be small enough to fit on your desk.

Questions About Residence?

If you have more questions about residence, please contact the Residence Life Coordinator at residence [at] tyndale [dot] ca.