Pastor Albert Y.C. Wai (MTS, 2001)

Distinguished Alumni Global Impact Award, 2022

Pastor Albert Y.C. Wai

Albert and his wife came to Canada in 1982. She came to know the Lord and fervently prayed for her husband. In 1986, he became a believer. Three months after he accepted Christ, he stepped forward at a missions conference to offer himself for God’s work through foreign missions.

“I said, ‘why not?’ and I put up my hands,” said Albert. “My wife felt the movement next to her and she found that I was walking down the aisle to the front, and she came literally crying. That was our first walk down the aisle in the Protestant church ever since.”

Albert’s passion for missions has been evident through his service. He worked as an Administrative Secretary at his home church, Richmond Hill Christian Community Church, followed by leadership roles in three Chinese parachurch organizations while he was a Tyndale student. After graduating in 2001, he joined SEND International of Canada with the primary focus of developing and mobilizing mission teams through training, teaching, preaching, and encouraging believers and leading them to serve in oversea missions. In 2015, Albert was seconded from SEND to the Tyndale Intercultural Ministries Centre to meet the equipping and mission needs of immigrants.

Since graduating, Albert has been an active member of Tyndale’s Chinese Alumni Chapter from 2002 to 2021. He was a pioneer in teaching the Perspectives Course in Chinese first at Tyndale in 2010 along with other professors, pastors, and missionaries; then furthering it into Chinese church venues. Beyond Tyndale, Albert served as the founding member of MissionFest Toronto, Canadian Tentmakers Network, board member of Showers of Blessing Evangelistic Ministry and has also been on the board of Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization in Canada since 1999.

"Different ministries were loaded onto me and I took everything with a smile,” said Albert.

“God might have an assignment ready for you. Don't be afraid. Take it on and you will smile all the more."

— Pastor Albert Y.C. Wai


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