April 2021 - Tyndale faculty book launches

By Tyndale Communications  /  Thursday, April 8, 2021

The Tyndale community celebrates the accomplishments of faculty on their recent book publications.

Innovating Christian Education Research

Dr. Beth Green (Provost and Chief Academic Officer) wrote and co-edited the book Innovating Christian Education Research, which advances theoretical discourses and programmatic perspectives in Christian education and includes case studies that offer insights into a range of K-12 and Higher Education contexts.

Between Hearing and Silence

Dr. John Kessler (Professor of Old Testament) wrote Between Hearing and Silence: A Study in Old Testament Theology, which invites students and scholars alike to explore the various ways in which the concept of silence is expressed in the Old Testament and the many meanings it conveys.

Family Relations in the Gospel of Mark

Dr. Narry F. Santos (Assistant Professor of Practical Ministry and Intercultural Leadership) wrote Family Relations in the Gospel of Mark . The social values of honour and shame, which have attracted much research from cultural anthropology and New Testament studies for the past five decades, is the main focus of the book.

Congratulations Dr. Green, Dr. Kessler, and Dr. Santos!