The Lamp Post

Friday, January 25, 2013

After a long process involving over 35 submissions, more than 120 people participating and 2 rounds of voting, Tyndale is proud to announce that ‘The Lamp Post’ is  now the title of our café, previously called the ‘muffin shop’.

In the fall, students, staff, faculty and alumni were able to submit their creative names via Facebook for the space.  A committee made up of students, faculty and staff produced a shortlist. The finalists were then put on both the University College and Seminary Facebook pages for voting.

The first round of voting produced a tie between ‘The Lamp Post’ and ‘Holy Grounds’ and the Tyndale Facebook communities were asked to vote once again. The final result was ‘The Lamp Post’ winning by eight votes.

The winner, James Brooks explains that “I had two inspirations, the first and most obvious is the lamp from our very own Tyndale logo. The second was an allusion to C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series, where the lamp post is a central object in that Universe. A meeting spot.”

At the ceremony after congratulations were given, the sign was revealed, coffee was handed out, and the community was free to enjoy their newly named gathering place.


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