Tyndale Offers Certificate Program for DMin Grads

By Tyndale Communications  /  Friday, February 16, 2024

Diverse group of students smiling in a classroom

A Doctor of Ministry degree might seem like the pinnacle of Christian education. But, for DMin graduates, it doesn’t need to be. With our new Post-DMin Certificate program, graduates can take three courses over a span of three years and earn one of five certificates now on offer.

The Post-DMin Certificate is designed for people like Clint Mix, a current Tyndale student and sessional instructor, who will be the first to graduate from the Post-DMin certification program in May 2024.

“The world is radically changing,” he says. “And if we’re going to be current and effective, we need to lean into this. I think the moment we stop learning, we’re regressing.”

To that end, he plans on enrolling in yet another Post-DMin certificate program in the near future.

And, unlike the traditional DMin program, the certificate program does not require a major writing project, providing students like Clint an opportunity to engage in coursework without the added pressure of writing a thesis or portfolio.

Five Post-DMin Certificate Areas of Focus

Communicating the Gospel

The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) in Leadership with a Concentration in Communicating the Gospel provides theological and practical support to ministry leaders in communicating the gospel in all contexts where people of faith are living. This includes congregational settings, digital ministries, overseas mission fields, and other diverse spaces such as children and youth ministries, music ministries and parachurch ministries.

The Post-DMin Certificate courses include:

  • DMPC 0907 Communicating the Gospel in Unconventional Spaces
  • DMPC 0904 Embodying the Gospel: Enhancing Communication Skills
  • DMPC 0912 Proclamation of the Word


The DMin Leadership Track focuses on improving leadership capacity to understand systems, manage change, and develop as an organization. It combines theory with practice, theology with ministry, and collaborative learning with individual projects.

The Post-DMin Certificate courses include:

  • DMML 0904 Leadership and Systems Theory
  • DMML 0903 Leadership and Change
  • DMML 0906 The Learning Organization

Non-Profit Organizational Leadership (Next Start 2025)

The DMin Non-Profit Organizational Leadership Concentration in the Doctor of Ministry Leadership Track focuses on organizational leadership specifically for non-profit Christian organizations from multiple sectors, including international development, missions, denominations and parachurchs.

The Post-DMin Certificate courses include:

  • DMNO 0901 Facing the Unique Challenges of Leading a Non-profit Organization: Why Business Thinking is Not Enough
  • DMNO 0902 Imagination and Innovation: Strategic Development for Non-Profit Organizations
  • DMNO 0903 Exploring the Healthy Foundations Necessary for Non-Profit Organizational Leadership

Pastoral Thanatology

The DMin Pastoral Thanatology Track seeks to integrate the spiritual development of students with their knowledge and skill in helping those who have experienced loss in various forms. Pastoral Thanatology explores the biblical and spiritual resources available in grief and bereavement, and provides knowledge and skills for those facing or coping with grief and death, from the perspective of both the dying and the bereaved.

The Post-DMin Certificate courses include:

  • DMPT 0902 Pastoral Care Through Grief, Transition and Loss
  • DMPT 0903 Loss, Trauma and Resilience
  • DMSF 0930 Journey through Suffering and Dying
  • DMPT 0942 Grief and Bereavement an Educational Model (Project Course)
  • DMPT 0904 The Emotional and Spiritual Development of the Thanatologist
  • DMPT 0905 Living with Loss: Finding Hope and Resurrection

Reframing Church in Context (Next Start 2026)

The DMin in Reframing Church in Context Concentration explores the nature, history, mission and practices of the church as it interacts with a student’s diverse contextual experiences and callings. To investigate and develop this relationship, the program addresses the strategic priority of hospitality and service as theological concepts central to the mission of the triune God.

The Post-DMin Certificate courses include:

  • DMRC 0901 Hospitality for Participating in God’s Work: The Congregation and the Table
  • DMRC 0902 Communal Discernment for Ministry Development: The Community and the Table
  • DMRC 0903 Strategic Practices and Experiments for Hospitable Engagement: Extending the Table

For more information, visit the Post-DMin Certificate