Leadership Track

Leadership Development

The Doctor of Ministry Leadership Track provides an intentional and structured development process for Christian leaders. With our faculty of proven leaders and educators, you will investigate relevant issues such as church leadership principles, dynamics of change, and professional formation. Your learning will take place in a collaborative format, offering opportunities for small group learning, peer-to-peer feedback and lifelong relationships. You will identify opportunities in church ministry within an action research framework and implement a ministry-based project. Reflect on this experience with your professors and peers while developing your own unique vision for ministry and leadership.

DMin students in the Leadership Track may choose to complete their program with a concentration in areas such as Preaching and Executive Leadership.

Collaborative Learning

You will journey through the DMin program with professors and colleagues who will support you along the way. There is a high level of collaboration in the classroom and online. Your colleagues will work with you in small groups where you will receive peer-to-peer feedback and develop relationships that can last a lifetime.

Theory and Practice

Today’s effective leaders must have a sound academic foundation and the skills to put theory into practice. The DMin program gives you both. You will take a ministry project from concept to implementation within an action research framework. Tyndale DMin students have created strategies to move a congregation in a missional direction, designed curriculum for Christian schools and developed a holistic caring ministry in a church setting. You will develop a vision for your own project.

  Year A Residencies Year B Residencies Year C Residencies
Weeks June 11-22, 2018 and
Jan 7-11, 2019
June 10-21, 2019 and
Jan 6-10, 2020
June 8-19, 2020 and
Jan 4-8, 2021

Residencies are second and third full weeks of June and the first full week of January. Summer residencies do not include weekends.

Course Sequence

Course titles, descriptions and sequence may be modified when warranted after due process by the DMin Program Committee and Academic Planning Committee.

Year A

  • DMML  0901: Formation of the Leader *
  • DMML  0902: Theory, Theology, and the Art of Leadership **
  • DMML  0930: Special Topics in Leadership **
  • DMML  0941: Exegeting Your Ministry Context (Portfolio Project 1) *

Year B

  • DMML  0903: Leadership and Change *
  • DMML  0904: Leadership and Systems Theory **
  • DMML  0905: Intercultural Leadership Competency *
  • DMML  0942: Philosophy of Christian Leadership (Portfolio Project 2) **

Year C

  • DMML  0906: Learning Organization *
  • DMML  0907: Leadership Development **
  • DMML  0943: Ministry Leadership Action Research Project: (Portfolio Project 3) *
  • DMML  0947: Integration: Research Portfolio, Presentation, Hearing **

* includes 1 week summer residency
** includes ½ week winter residency

Michael Krause

Leadership Track Coordinator

Dr. Michael Krause
Assistant Professor of Christian Ministry

View Faculty Bio |  mkrause [at] tyndale [dot] ca | 416.226.6620 ext. 2239

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