DMin in Leadership with a Concentration in Communicating the Gospel

Doctor of Ministry (DMin) in Leadership with a Concentration in
Communicating the Gospel


The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) in Leadership with a Concentration in Communicating the Gospel provides theological and practical support to ministry leaders in communicating the gospel in all contexts where people of faith are living. This includes congregational settings, digital ministries, overseas mission fields, and other diverse spaces such as children and youth ministries, music ministries, and parachurch ministries. This concentration will explore the continued cultural and contextual relevance of the biblical text being proclaimed in creative, innovative, and effective ways. It will also support leaders to develop greater proficiency in the theory and practice of diverse forms of gospel communication such as preaching, storytelling, and evangelism.

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Program Format

The Communicating the Gospel concentration in the Doctor of Ministry Leadership Track is a cohort model, with some sequenced courses. Students will complete 12 courses within 3 years, with distance learning and residency phases each year.

  • The distance learning phase includes reading, writing, research, reflection, application, and collaboration primarily supported by teachers, personal growth coaches, and research portfolio advisors.
  • The residency phase – two weeks in June and one week in January – includes worship and prayer, lectures, plenary discussions, group activities, small group meetings, and individual work.

Post-DMin Certificate

A Post-DMin Certificate is also available. This certificate is designed for people who already have a DMin but want to take additional courses as continued education. Students will complete 3 concentration courses within 3 years.

Course titles, descriptions and sequence may be modified when warranted after due process by the DMin Program Committee and Academic Planning Committee.


Year A

  • DMML 0901 Formation of the Leader
  • DMPC 0907 Communicating the Gospel in Unconventional Spaces
  • DMML 0951 Integration Overview
  • DMML 0941 Exegeting Your Ministry Context

Year B

  • DMML 0907 Leadership Development
  • DMPC 0904 Embodying the Gospel: Enhancing Communication Skills
  • DMML 0942 Philosophy of Christian Leadership
  • DMML 0952 Integration Proposal

Year C

  • DMML 0943 Ministry-Based Field Research
  • DMPC 0912 Proclamation of the Word
  • DMML 0905 Intercultural Leadership Competency
  • DMML 0953 Integration Portfolio

Courses included in the Post-DMin Certificate

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Communicating the Gospel Faculty & Instructors

Sarah Han

Sarah Han

Concentration Coordinator |  416.226.6620 ext. 8454

Dr. Sarah Han is Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry and brings practical ministry experience as an ordained minister and theological expertise as an academic. Dr. Han considers herself to be "third culture" Canadian-Korean-Chinese and her formative theology was shaped on the mission field abroad. She has provided leadership in the Canadian immigrant church context for over a decade and has diverse experience in the Canadian public and private sectors. Dr. Han's vocational commitment and theological passion are to critically observe and reflect on how ecclesiology shapes and informs missiology and her research focuses on an intercultural, intergenerational, missional ecclesiology for Canada.

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Kent Anderson

Kent Anderson

Kenton C. Anderson is president-elect of Providence University College and Theological Seminary, where he will begin work on June 1, 2021. Currently he is president of Northwest Seminary and College where he has served for more than 25 years. He is known for his ground-breaking work on Integrative Preaching and also on Competency-Based Theological Education. He is also an Executive Partner at Symporus, LLC.

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Jason Byassee

Jason Byassee

Jason Byassee is senior pastor of Timothy Eaton Memorial Church in Toronto, ON. He previously taught preaching and held the Butler Chair in Homiletics at the Vancouver School of Theology. He is author or editor of 20 books on Christian faith, biblical interpretation, thriving congregations, leadership, and church history.

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Mark Chapman

Mark Chapman

Dr. Chapman is Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program and Professor of Research Methods. Dr. Chapman also serves as Lead Researcher for the Tyndale Intercultural Ministry Centre. He has wide experience in social science research and teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels. His most recent research is focused on flourishing congregations and multivocational ministry. He has also conducted research on religion and immigration including projects related to Canadians who are starting new churches, the relationship between faith communities and the settlement sector, and an exploration of the role of churches in immigrant settlement and integration. Other research projects have included studies of megachurches in Canada, an exploration of Canadian church attitudes to the visual arts, and networks among churches.

Dr. Kevin Livingston

Kevin Livingston

Kevin Livingston is the Pastor of Clairlea Park Presbyterian Church. He is also a former Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry. He has over 30 years of pastoral experience, is an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church in Canada and has served congregations in Seattle, Scotland, Vancouver, and Cambridge.

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Victor Shepherd

Victor Shepherd

A Presbyterian, ordained in 1970 to the ministry of Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care, Dr. Shepherd has served four pastorates in New Brunswick and Ontario. He is the author of nine books and numerous journal articles that reflect his extensive pastoral and academic experience. A long-time advocate for the mentally ill and the underhoused, he has served on the board of the Peel Mental Health Housing Coalition and Pathway Community Developments.

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