Bible Translation

Department of Linguistics

The Concentration in Bible Translation will equip you to build upon the BA in Linguistics, preparing you to pursue Bible translation as a vocation. You will study aspects of language such as phonetics, syntax and semantics. Learn how to use these tools to provide practical research and services to benefit minority language speakers worldwide. This concentration specifies three 4000-level LING courses and adds one course in Anthropology and four courses in biblical languages.

Program Options


Interesting Courses

  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Principles of Bible Translation
  • Morphology and Syntax
  • Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
  • Elementary New Testament Greek

For a future career in:

  • Bible Translator
  • ESL Teacher
  • Literacy Specialist
  • Speech Pathologist
“I’ve learned how important it is to document languages that are slowly dying. Many of those languages contain traditions that can still help us in today’s society.” – Kathryn Van Wyngaarden [BA Linguistics], student