Biblical Studies and Theology

Tyndale’s BA in Biblical Studies and Theology will stretch and grow you both academically and spiritually, all within a supportive community. Actively pursue the hard questions of the Bible, theology and life as you are challenged by professors and peers from different backgrounds. Graduates from this program are building and serving in dynamic ministries that stem from the solid biblical and theological foundation they received during their studies. Others have carried the skills they learned and the confident faith they developed into successful careers in fields such as business.

Dive deep into the Bible and theology while studying Hebrew, Greek, the Old and New Testaments, the history of Christianity and other world religions. Conduct your own research and gain practical ministry experience while focusing your studies with a minor in youth ministry, pastoral ministry or intercultural studies. You will develop and strengthen your understanding of God and your faith as you wrestle with key texts of the Bible and your beliefs about them.

Interesting Courses

Here are some interesting courses you may take in the Biblical Studies and Theology program:

  • New Testament and Jewish Apocalypses
  • Text/Interpretation: Ten Commandments
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Resurrection

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Graduates are working as:

  • Lead Pastor
  • Investor Relations Specialist
  • Old Testament Professor
  • Youth Pastor

Program Options

  • Available as a Major
  • Available as a Minor
  • Available as an Honours Degree
“My Tyndale university education equipped me not only to engage with Scripture, but also to engage with historical arguments carefully.”– Wayne Veenstra [BA Biblical Studies and Theology], Pastoral Intern, Harvest Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Michigan
“Having a strong foundation in my faith has made me more successful in the corporate world. Learning to be flexible in my thinking has been a huge asset in my development.” – Leighton Watson [BA Biblical Studies and Theology], Investor Relations Specialist, Toronto