Business Administration

Called to redeem the market mission place for Christ.

Are you ready to make an impact for Christ during your business studies? The Tyndale business program is where students develop their vocation as successful business professionals and entrepreneurs to redeem the market mission place for Christ. The Tyndale University Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree is purposefully designed to offer opportunities to gain practical experience in business and to network with practitioners. Our dedicated faculty are committed to helping you grow your resume while being trained in relevant management skills.

We are here to equip you to take your place as a Christian leader in private, public and nonprofit organizations and to transform the marketplace for Jesus.

What Sets Our Program Apart

  • Mindset: We are committed to the redemptive PURPOSE of the marketplace mission, with Jesus at its core. We are pioneers in integrating the redemptive framework into our business curriculum and are oriented towards reclaiming our society and culture to advance the kingdom of God.
  • Transformation: We prioritize redemptive PRACTICE. Our courses are thoughtfully designed to impart essential knowledge in an action-oriented hands-on learning environment to develop critical skills.
  • Impact: We actively engage with the marketplace through redemptive PARTICIPATION. Our courses are geared towards making an immediate impact in our current market mission field. For example, the Business & Environment course features a green team project, the Entrepreneurship course introduces our students to best-practice redemptive business owner and the Managing NGO course incorporates a service learning project.

Tyndale Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Consider the BA in Business for more flexibility to combine business with another BA program.

Program Options

  • BBA
  • BBA Honours

Interesting Courses

  • Entrepreneurship and New Ventures
  • Business Ethics
  • Managing Non-Profit Organizations
  • Business and the Environment
  • Organizational Behaviour

Career Opportunities:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Business Consultant
  • Non-Profit Leader
  • Sales Representative
  • Human Resources Coordinator
  • Accountant
  • Entrepreneur
“I can’t imagine my life without a Tyndale university education.” – Gordon Stanton [BA Business Administration], Chartered Professional Accountant