Bachelor of Arts

The BA Business major allows you to customize your degree by pairing this major with other BA majors or minors. For those not majoring in Business, we also offer a Minor in Business Administration that can be included with your chosen major. Whether you are looking to lead a business team, run a not-for profit organization, be an entrepreneur, or incorporate social justice with business, the Tyndale BA in Business will teach you the practical skills employers look for.

Enter the workplace fully prepared to generate cutting-edge solutions for the complex business problems of today and tomorrow. You will gain a solid foundation by studying finance, sales and marketing, human resources, accounting, operations, entrepreneurship and Christian social enterprise.

If you would like to focus your studies on Business Administration, it is recommended you consider the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program.


Program Options

  • Major (BA)
  • Minor (BA)

Interesting Courses

  • Managing Non-Profit Organizations
  • International Business
  • Entrepreneurship and New Ventures
  • Business Ethics
  • Microeconomics

Career Opportunities:

  • Business Consultant
  • Non-Profit Leader
  • Accountant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneur
  • Sales Representative
“I can’t imagine my life without a Tyndale University education.” – Gordon Stanton [BA Business], Chartered Professional Accountant