Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

The Bachelor of Arts degree focuses on subjects within the liberal arts, humanities, social sciences, languages, culture, and fine arts. It allows a student to gain a broadly-based liberal arts education. The main goal of this degree is to help the student integrate Christian faith and a broad understanding of our culture into a comprehensive Christian worldview.

Total Credit Hours

Minimum of 120 credit hours

A Degree Completion Program (DCP) option is also available for adults who want to complete a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree but  are unable to attend a traditional semester program.

Components of a BA degree

The BA degree consists of the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum, a major, and electives. You may also optionally take a minor or a concentration. Customize your degree according to your interests.

Liberal Arts Core Curriculum

A selection of core courses has been prescribed to be taken by all BA students. This core curriculum is intended to provide students with a a well-balanced general education – helping students develop a logical and discriminating method of thinking, and an informed appreciation of the fine arts, literature, and the various ways in which our common culture is shaped and directed.

  • English, History and Global Studies, and Philosophy
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Biblical Studies and Theology
  • Fine Arts
  • Language
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences


A major is the main area of study in your degree (e.g. Business Administration, Philosophy, or Psychology). When you apply to Tyndale’s BA degree, you generally declare your major, or the subject you want to study. Most of the courses in your degree will be in your major and you will graduate with a degree in that major. The specific requirements for a major vary from program to program.

Students may also choose to do a double major in the Bachelor of Arts in any two areas of study in which a major is currently offered.

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Minor (Optional)

A minor is a secondary area of study you can choose to focus on in a BA degree. It requires taking a few additional courses (less than what is required in a major) and still allows you to demonstrate a strong level of knowledge in that subject.

A minor can be related or unrelated to your major. For example, you could major in Psychology and minor in Linguistics or you could major in Biblical Studies and Theology and minor in Youth Ministry.

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Concentration (Optional)

A concentration is a specific area of emphasis available only within your chosen major. Only certain majors have concentrations. For example, only students majoring in English can choose a Writing and Communication concentration.

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The Bachelor of Arts Honours (BA Honours) degree involves a more concentrated study in the major and, normally, the completion of a thesis or project. This degree normally requires four years of full-time study. Students interested in pursuing an honours degree can speak to their faculty advisor and apply as early as the winter semester of their second year and no later than February 28 of their third year.

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Electives are any course from a variety of areas that you choose to take that may be outside of your major, minor, concentration, or the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum requirements to meet the total number of credit hours required in the BA degree.