Axel Kazadi (MTS, 2015)

Distinguished Alumni Horizon Award, 2020

Axel Kazadi

Axel Kazadi (MTS 2015), Director and Assistant Professor of Theology at Kingswood University in Sussex, New Brunswick, helps students develop biblical knowledge and understanding while studying in his third year of a PhD program at Wycliffe College.

Born in the Congo and raised in Zambia in Africa and New Brunswick in Canada, Axel is someone who is able to connect with a wide range of students and young people seeking to be equipped for contemporary ministry. After graduating from Tyndale Seminary, he worked as a youth and young adult pastor at Milliken Wesley Methodist Church. His favourite memories while at Tyndale include listening to spiritually challenging sermons at the Chapel and spending time with other students.

“There was a great sense of community at Tyndale because everything was close together and we easily ran into on-campus and off-campus students,” he says.

At Tyndale, Axel grew spiritually and his theological knowledge deepened. He expresses gratitude to key mentors such as Dr. Dennis Ngien, Alister E. McGrath Chair of Christian Thought and Spirituality, and to Dr. Victor Shepherd, Emeritus Professor of Theology.

One of the courses at Tyndale that had a particular impact on his faith was a spiritual formation course taught by Dr. David Sherbino, Professor of Spirituality and Pastoral Ministry. “It helped me learn about many spiritual disciplines and the value of contemplation.

“I first learned about Taizé songs in Dr. Sherbino’s class and continue to use them in my spiritual meditation and devotions.”

In his spare time, Axel enjoys playing soccer and is a talented spoken-word and hip-hop artist. In the future, he seeks to bring glory to God however and wherever He leads.

“Though I want to serve the church with the talents God has given me, my dream is to remain faithful to the One who has commissioned me to serve Him and His people in the academy and the Church. If God wants me to do something entirely different in the future, then so be it. Christ truly wants us to make Him our everything first, and then everything else will follow.”

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