Rev. Dr. Peter Chi-Dik Ho (MDiv , 1981)

Distinguished Alumni Global Impact Award, 2021

Reverend Doctor Peter Chi-Dik Ho smiling

When Rev. Dr. Peter Chi-Dik Ho (MDiv 1981) accepted Christ as his Saviour while studying in Canada, he developed a relentless passion for people that continues to this day.

After graduating from McGill University in Montreal, his pastor recommended that he study at Tyndale Seminary.

“At the time, the seminary campus was only a small, two-storey building,” Rev. Ho recalls. “The student body was small, and there were only, maybe, six professors. All of them were knowledgeable, and their spiritual lives influenced me a lot.” Rev. Ho graduated with his MDiv in 1981 and later also received a DMin from Bethel Bible Seminary in Hong Kong.

Together with his wife Shirley, Rev. Ho served as a missionary in Taiwan for four years prior to returning to Hong Kong to serve as a pastor.

Rev. Ho founded the Evangelical Free Church of China Tung Fook Church (TFC) in Hong Kong in 1991 with only 50 people in the congregation. Twenty years later, the TFC has grown to five church plants with nearly 6,000 people in attendance. “This is all thanks to God’s grace and His will,” says Rev. Ho.

“It is my passion to preach the good news to everyone.”

Rev. Ho is also the principal of the Tung Fook Bible College and the Family Foundation Hong Kong, which advocates for family growth and development. He is the author of more than 10 Christian books and has led evangelical gatherings all over the world, including Australia, China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, The Netherlands, USA and Canada.

“I will keep serving Jesus until His second coming or when I go to be with Him,” he says.

Rev. Ho’s advice for those considering pastoral ministry is to rely on Christ. “He will get you through all the difficulties … and remember to have daily morning devotion, the most important source of the power from God.”

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