Rev. Orim Meikle (BRS, 1997)

Distinguished Alumni Community Impact Award, 2018

Rev. Orim Meikle

Orim first attended Tyndale (known as Ontario Bible College or OBC) simply to gain a deeper understanding of the Word of God, and yet the more time he spent at Tyndale, the more he felt a call to pastoral ministry. Before graduating, he received an invitation to teach at a local Bible college where he shared his vision with a small subset of his students. Together they founded the early stages of Rhema Christian Ministries in 1999, which quickly burgeoned into a vibrant ministry. “I really had to lean on my Tyndale experiences as I found myself doing so many things at once. It was God who allowed us to manage the growth,” he shares.

With over 2,000 members, Orim is the Senior Pastor of Rhema Christian Ministries of Canada Inc. He also serves as the Executive Chairman of Rhema Canada Inc., the entity that governs Rhema's global foundation and educational development corporation. Ministering to the community is a priority as the institution meets the needs for education, housing, food, and clothing, as well as provides care for the elderly. It hopes to address socio-economic needs through a holistic approach as well. The church is also finding ways to stay relevant and accessible to their audience by broadcasting on television, using social medial and engaging the younger generation. Rhema Christian Ministries of Canada Inc. has extended beyond Toronto and includes a campus church in Ottawa, and there are plans to expand into Calgary and Vancouver as well.

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