Colin McCartney (BRE, 1987)

Distinguished Alumni Community Impact Award, 2017

Colin McCartney

Rev. Colin McCartney [BRE 1987] is the founder of UrbanPromise Toronto and current President and Founder of Connect Ministries, which connects young leaders to God’s mission in Toronto’s most vulnerable communities through church planting and revitalization of dying inner-city churches. He is an urban ministry veteran with over 30 years of ministry experience in high-risk communities. Rev. McCartney has appeared on Canadian television, radio and national newspapers regarding urban issues. He is an author of two best sellers “The Beautiful Disappointment” and “Red Letter Revolution”. He also hosted the popular “Red Letters” DVD with Dr. Tony Campolo. Colin is a mentor to pastors and business professionals and is in high demand as a ministry trainer and coach. Colin is also a popular speaker who has spoken to audiences as large as 7,000 people. He and his wife, Judith have two children.

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