Children, Youth & Adult Discipleship

Master of Arts in Children, Youth & Adult Discipleship


We understand the unique challenges that pastors and ministry leaders face in nurturing the discipleship of children, youth, and adults. In a world shaped by peer pressure, social media, and cultural influences, it’s crucial to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge to guide others on their spiritual journey. The Master of Arts program in Children, Youth & Adult Discipleship is designed for this purpose.

This comprehensive program delves deep into the theology-philosophy of discipleship, offering a solid foundation for educational leadership within congregations. Through a range of courses, students will explore the educational, developmental, and curricular aspects of discipleship, as well as qualitative research methods to evaluate and improve church-wide programs. Our aim is to foster kingdom communities that truly embody Christ’s abundant life in and for the world.

Upon graduation, you will possess the tools necessary to make a lasting impact in ministry. You will have a profound understanding of biblical, theological, developmental, curricular, and educational foundations for learning and discipleship across different age groups. You will be adept at discerning social-cultural contexts, casting vision, and strategically planning holistic discipleship programs. Additionally, you will be equipped to assess ministry-program effectiveness through ethnographic-qualitative research, and mentor other ministry leaders in collaborative and developmentally appropriate approaches.

Discover your calling in ministry with a Master of Arts in Children, Youth & Adult Discipleship.

Degree Options

Master of Arts (MA)

Number of courses: 18
Duration: 2 Years

This program has common first year core courses in Biblical Studies (3 courses), Theology & Church History (4 courses), and Ministry Formation (3 courses). You will select specific courses related to your ministry focus (8 courses) in your second year.