Pastoral Ministry

Tyndale Seminary Pastoral Ministry


The Pastoral Ministry degree trains you for church leadership in today’s world through academic and applied courses. Our faculty teaches biblical principles, concepts, and models for the preparation of ordained or lay ministr​y. You will develop lifelong relationships with others in a diverse cultural and denominational setting. In addition, you will gain insight through our year-long church internship program for hands-on ministry experience in handling day-to-day problems in church ministries.

Academic and Applied

Strong evangelical theological studies combined with practical ministry experience.

You will complete core academic courses as well as practical ministry training, such as on family life ministries, how to plan a worship service, how to write sermons, and how to preach the gospel effectively. Furthermore, you will undergo an applied one-year church internship to practice church leadership principles and responsibilities in a congregational church setting.

Cultural Relevance

Training church leaders to engage in today’s culture with the Gospel.

At Tyndale, you will have the skills and abilities necessary to tackle cultural challenges and generational conflicts of today. Our faculty tailors and teaches culturally-relevant courses, such as Urban Ministry, Pastoral Counselling in an Ethnic Church, Pastoring the Chinese Church, Gospel, Church and Culture, and Leading Through Conflict and Change. There are few other Christian education communities that are as culturally competent and diverse as Tyndale.

Multi-denominational and Intercultural

Equipping you for ministry in today’s world by studying in a diverse cultural and denominational Christian environment.

Tyndale goes beyond denominational beliefs by bringing together all evangelical Christians into one community. Our student body represents over 40 different denominations and 30 ethnic groups. Students learn best when students learn from each other, and Tyndale provides a Christian learning experience for you to do so.

Degree & Diploma Options

Master of Divinity

Number of courses: 27
Duration: 3 Years

Concentration in Pastoral Ministry

MTS and Graduate Diploma students may use their elective courses to complete a four-course concentration in Pastoral Ministry

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Internship Requirements

An internship is required to successfully complete an MDiv in Pastoral Ministry.
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