Salvation Army Studies

Tyndale Seminary Salvation Army Studies


The MTS – Salvation Army Studies combines the rich tradition and expertise of Booth University College and the Salvation Army, with Tyndale Seminary’s broad spectrum of courses in the theological disciplines. The program is the outcome of a creative partnership between Booth UC and Tyndale Seminary to serve you and The Salvation Army better.

Salvation Army Specialization

Your Salvation Army specialized courses are rooted in The Salvation Army’s 150-year history of meeting the needs of the most vulnerable in society. Scholars and practitioners from the Salvation Army tradition will guide your studies in the history and theology of The Salvation Army and its Wesleyan heritage. Gain a deeper understanding of The Salvation Army within the broader church while you analyze social and moral issues and explore the global mission of the Army in today’s world.

Broad Foundation for Ministry

Tyndale’s MTS courses are designed to give you a solid foundation for ministry as you study Christian history, theology, biblical interpretation and spiritual formation. Examine your own denominational perspective as you interact with your classmates in a broad multicultural and multi-denominational community. You will be challenged to think critically about faith, vocation and ministry while wrestling with God’s mission in today’s social, cultural and global context.

Accessible and Flexible

The degree has been designed to fit your schedule no matter where you live. You can even take the full degree online. Throughout the year there will be courses taught in modular formats and one-week intensives. If you live near Winnipeg, some courses will be offered at Booth UC, or if you are in the greater Toronto area, courses will also be offered at Tyndale. There will even be livestreamed, hybrid and online courses so you can study from wherever you live.

Degree & Diploma Options

Master of Theological Studies

Number of courses: 18
Duration: 2 Years