Health and Physical Education, Intermediate Division (Leadership Focus) | HOPE AB53

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Health and Physical Education Intermediate Division

HOPE AB53 (Leadership Focus) | Additional Basic Qualification Course

Course Description

The Additional Basic Qualification Course: Health and Physical Education, Intermediate Division is designed to examine the main components of HPE by examining current research and teaching practices. Educators will establish confidence in knowing and understanding the HPE curriculum, identify and understand their role as a leader in HPE, understand and integrate Ontario Ministry of Education initiatives, attain a higher level of skill development and strategic awareness in sport, and apply higher-level thinking in order to develop their own vision of Health and Physical Education.

Teachers will be required to examine research and resources, collaborate and reflect with colleagues and demonstrate/ articulate the ability to reflect, critique and assess their own development as a Health and Physical Education Teacher.  Teachers will complete a weekly assignment, as well as a reflective journal entry / online discussion group entry(s) based on the week’s learning content.  The purpose for these entries is to provide an opportunity for the teacher, as a learner, to gather and develop their own ideas and understandings to build as a leader in Health and Physical Education.


Carol  Scaini

Carol Scaini


416-226-6620 ext.2229

Carol is an experienced teacher with the Peel District School Board. She has also taught the Additional Qualifications course in Health and Physical Education through OISE/UT. She is a significant contributor to and developer of curricular resources.

"Energetic and knowledgeable. Authentic and passionate. Carol is such an inspiration."

"Carol is an absolute rock star! Her energy, positivity, and enthusiasm is contagious. She is... a spectacular phys ed teacher and I aspire to be like her one day."

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