Historical and Theological Studies

Master of Arts in Historical and Theological Studies


If you are seeking to deepen your knowledge and expertise in history and theology, then the MA in Historical and Theological Studies is tailor-made for you. By enrolling in this program, you will embark on an enriching journey of personal and academic growth. Whether you choose to pursue a thesis or a major research paper, you will acquire advanced research and writing skills, delve into specialized areas of interest, and develop a keen understanding of the methodological aspects that shape these disciplines. These invaluable experiences will not only enhance your scholarly capabilities but also pave the way for potential admission into a PhD program.

One of the remarkable aspects of this program is its focus on the Canadian context, coupled with a global and intercultural approach to history and theology. As you engage with a diverse community, which spans various denominations and draws from the Protestant evangelical heritage, you will be exposed to a wealth of perspectives. The faculty members are distinguished experts in fields such as Canadian Christianity, Global Christianity, Evangelicalism, Islam, Christian-Muslim relations, Theology and Science, Theological Anthropology, Contemporary Theology, Reformation Theology (especially Luther and Calvin), Wesleyan Theology, the Puritans, Karl Barth, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

What sets this program apart is its intentional formative and integrative approach to historical and theological research and writing. You will not only gain the necessary academic skills but also develop deeper foundations for Christian life and service in the church, the academy, or other professional fields. Tyndale’s outstanding track record in online education ensures that you can access the coursework conveniently from anywhere in the world.

The MA in Historical and Theological Studies places you, as a student, at the centre of a transformative learning experience. Prepare yourself for a profound intellectual journey where you will expand your horizons, cultivate expertise in your areas of interest, and join a vibrant academic community.

Degree Options

Master of Arts (MA)

Number of courses: 12 Course Equivalent
Duration: 1.5 - 2 Years

Program Options

Students may select to complete this program with the Thesis option or the Major Research Paper option. View the Program Requirements for more information.