Living and Working in Canada

Living and Working in Canada for International Students

Your Next Steps as an International Student

Living On-Campus

The experience gained from living in residence is a valuable part of a student's education. Build life-long relationships and participate in a close-knit and diverse community. Residence facilities are available on campus for single students.

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Living Off-Campus

Looking to live off-campus while you study at Tyndale? We compiled a list of resources to help you find off-campus housing. Please note that Tyndale does not have accommodations available for married couples or families.

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Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory for all US and international students and their families.  All students are required to enroll in Tyndale’s Insurance unless they have provincial insurance such as OHIP. Spouses and children can be enrolled in the plan as well. Connect with us to find out more.

Please remember these costs when you are calculating your living expenses for your studies in Canada as these are not optional.

Working in Canada

Please note that International Students can work in Canada if they have a valid study permit, a Social Insurance Number (SIN) and are in full-time studies. Learn more about studying and working from Citizenship & Immigration Canada.

You can apply for a work permit using Tyndale’s Designated Learning Institution (DLI) number. You may work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year, and full time (40 hours) during break, such as in the summer. As well, you may choose to work on campus. View on-campus jobs for currently available positions.

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