Post-DMin Certificate (Post-DMin Certificate)

Number of Courses: 3 | Time to Complete: 3 Years
Pursue if you have completed a DMin degree but want to take additional courses as continued education.


Students who already have a Doctor of Ministry degree can complete a Post-Doctor of Ministry Certificate in three areas of focus. The Post-DMin Certificate is designed for people who already have a DMin but want to take additional courses as continued education. Students will complete 3 courses within 3 years.

Post-DMin Certificate Areas of Focus

  • Leadership Focuses on improving leadership capacity to understand systems, manage change, and develop as an organization.
  • Preaching Attends to your spiritual and character growth to aid you in being proficient in the theory and practice of preaching.
  • Non-Profit Organizational Leadership Focuses on Organizational Leadership specifically for non-profit Christian organizations from multiple sectors (international development, missions, denominational, para-church etc.).


Tyndale University is authorized by the province of Ontario, Canada, to confer the Doctor of Ministry degree (Ontario Legislature Bill PR21, 2003). The Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools (ATS), the primary accrediting body for seminaries in North America, has approved the offering of the DMin program at Tyndale. The school participates in periodic reviews as part of the process of maintaining the accreditation of its degree programs. View full accreditation information.

* Program durations are based on a traditional, full-time course load of nine courses per year. Program may be completed part-time over a longer period of time.

Post-DMin Certificate Areas of Focus

Sarah Patterson
“The Tyndale Seminary community shaped how I respond to differing theology within spiritual direction.” Sarah Patterson [MTS, DMin] alumna Ordained Certified Spiritual Director