Intersession Faculty

Dean Bursey

Dr. W. Dean Bursey

dbursey [at]

Dean Bursey, lead pastor at Brooklin Village Church, holds postgraduate degrees in theology (Tyndale), and religion and culture (WLU). He also has a Doctor of Education (UofG), which focused on teacher education that meets the needs of religious learners in a multicultural classroom.

Van Johnson

Dr. Van Johnson

vjohnson [at]

Dr. Van Johnson is Dean of Master's Pentecostal Seminary (established in Toronto in 1996), which is partnered with Tyndale Seminary. He also serves as an instructor in New Testament at Tyndale. Dr.

Dr. Uriah Pond

Dr. Uriah Pond

upond [at]

Uriah Pond, a retired senior training specialist, holds postgraduate degrees in adult education (StFX), theology and Christian education (Tyndale), and religion and culture (WLU).

David Sherbino

Dr. David Sherbino

dsherb [at]

Dr. Sherbino has been a faculty member at Tyndale Seminary since 1987, serving previously as Chair of the Pastoral Ministries Department, Coordinator of the Worship and Liturgy program and Dean of the Chapel.

Ashoor Yousif

Dr. Ashoor Yousif

ayousif [at]

Dr. Yousif’s interdisciplinary research focuses on the history of Middle Eastern Christianity, Christian–Muslim relations, and Islamic religion and culture during the early ‘Abbasid caliphate' (750-950 AD).