Special Education Part 1 | HOPE AQ55

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Special Education Part 1

HOPE AQ55 | Additional Qualification Course

Course Description

This course will provide an overview of various exceptionalities that may be found in classrooms across the province. Educators in this course will gain an understanding of effective teaching strategies and assessment methods used to meet individual student learning goals. Utilizing the Ontario curriculum and other Ministry of Ontario documents, educators will investigate aspects of Special Education which impact planning, delivery and evaluation of learning within the classroom. Through reflection, collaboration, discussion, and research, educators will develop a broad understanding of the IPRC process, IEP development and Transition Planning. Educators will also examine assistive technologies available to provide student success.


Amy Gordon

Amy Gordon



Amy began teaching with Peel District School Board and transitioned to Upper Grand District School Board when she and her family moved to Orangeville, ON. Amy has spent the last 8 years teaching in an elementary Special Education classroom made up of students with a variety of exceptionalities.

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