Applying for Undergraduate Scholarships & Awards

Submit an application to apply for any scholarship or award. Each scholarship or award requires a separate application.

Available Scholarships and Awards

Some scholarships or awards require an application while others do not. You can find available scholarships and awards for undergraduate students on the following pages:

Apply for as many scholarship as you can! You are not limited to apply for just one award. Even if you may not meet all of the primary criteria, apply anyways. There are always secondary criteria you could be considered for.

Instructions on Submitting an Application

You can complete your application in multiple sessions.

  1. Go to the Tyndale Awards website.
  2. Sign in with your MyTyndale username and password.
  3. Under the Awards tab you can see all available scholarships and awards you can apply for.
  4. Find the scholarship application you are interested in applying for, click on the arrow to expand and click on Start Application. In some cases, some awards may have a prerequisite before you can apply, including the Student Profile Form or Financial Need Form. You'll see a link to complete those or you can go to the Home or Forms tabs to complete them. You only need to complete the Student Profile Form and Financial Need Form once per academic year, meaning you’ll only need to submit it once if you are applying for multiple scholarships. When all prerequisite tasks are met, you can click on Start Application.
  5. When you go to the Home or My Apps tabs, you’ll see all outstanding tasks for the scholarship application, which may include writing a short essay, getting a recommendation, or uploading a file.
  6. When all tasks are completed, you’ll receive a message that the application has been submitted. Once submitted, you will not be able to make any edits to your application. You can check the status of your application on the My Apps tab. 

You are done! Apply for as many scholarship or awards as you wish!

Tips on Completing Your Application

Applying for Scholarships and Awards

  • Read the criteria for each specific scholarship/award to determine if you are eligible. 
  • Think of your scholarship application like applying for a job - What makes you more deserving than any other candidates for this award?
  • Even if you don't fit ALL the criteria, there are often secondary criteria which are considered if the ideal candidate is not found.
  • Transferrable skills? Even if you don't have the exact experience/skill asked for, do you have any transferrable skills/similar experiences where you can make a great case for your eligibility?
  • Don't limit yourself to one scholarship. Submitting quality applications for multiple scholarships increases your opportunity to be awarded.
  • Keep track of the application deadline. Be aware of how much time you will need to prepare an outstanding application.


  • Do not write your essay in the essay box. Type your essay first using a regular word processor program such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs and then copy and paste it into the essay box. This will help prevent incidents in case you accidently close the browser and forgot to save. Also, Microsoft Word and Google Docs has spellcheck; the essay box does not.
  • Proofread! Spelling and grammar mistakes may get you disqualified. Make sure to read it several times or get a friend to review your essay before submitting. You may notice missing details, errors, and room for improvement.
  • Stick to the word count. Exceeding the limit or not writing enough may disqualify you.
  • Stay on topic. Make sure to clearly address and answer the question.
  • Start with a bang! Impress the application reviewer but starting off your essay with something interesting to grab their attention. This could include a fact, quote, bible verse, anecdote, or a statistic.
  • Share your story. Don't just list your achievements or make broad generalizations. Telling a specific story describing what you have done will be more effective in making your point. Don't just tell us what, tell us how. 
  • Do not write about your financial need, unless the essay prompt clearly asks you to. Remember that these are scholarships and awards based on merit/achievement and not financial need (some may have a financial need component). You have the opportunity to write about your financial situation in the Financial Need Form. Focus your efforts on answering the essay question.

Uploads (i.e., Papers, etc.)

Only PDF files are accepted for uploads.

Letters of Recommendation

  • When requesting for a recommendation, please request them from your pastor, professor, or any supervisor who can speak to qualities in reference to the scholarship criteria. Please do not get a family member to complete this for you.
  • The recommendation task does not require an actual letter of recommendation. The Recommendation Request task will send an email to your requested recommender. The recommender will then be asked to fill out a short questionnaire, speaking to your fitness for the award.
  • Send the recommendation request early - Your recommender may be busy and may need some time to complete the recommendation, so factor that buffer time so that it is submitted on time.
  • Please ensure that your recommender completes the form. You will be unable to submit your application until the recommender completes their form. There is a Remind Recommender button which will resend the request to the recommender.

Financial Aid Need Form

Do not forget to complete the “Describe your personal or family financial circumstances” question on the Financial Aid Need form as it helps give the financial aid committee context into your situation.