Sylvia Buchanan

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 Etobicoke, Ontario
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About Sylvia Buchanan

“To walk alone is possible, but the good walker knows that the great trip is life and it requires companions.” (Bishop Camara) Spiritual direction is the sacred space – place and time – for coming into the presence of the always present God. It is a space of transformation, becoming more like Christ as we journeying together. Partnering with the Holy Spirit, the true spiritual director we will listen for his prompts and direction for each session. Spiritual seasons of life are marked by fall or winter when there is a sense of loss and bleakness or spring and summer with new life and growth appearing. Each season provides unique opportunities for drawing near to God. Spiritual disciplines are foundational to spiritual formation. Silence, solitude, holy readings of scripture (Lectio Divina), prayer, contemplative music or visual arts will be used to open sacred space for listening to and for the direction through the Holy Spirit. My commitment is to listen deeply to you and to the Holy Spirit as we journey together. The nudge from the Holy Spirit to become a spiritual director came as a career in nursing was coming to an end. The transition from caring primarily for the physical being to the spiritual being was God ordained. In my mid-fifties the Holy Spirit’s invitation to study spiritual formation became a commitment to a Masters in Theological Studies with focus in spiritual formation. A deep passion to intercession and prayer ministry within the local church and denomination (C&MA) pairs well with being a spiritual director; each informs and blesses the other.