Theological Studies

Tyndale Seminary Theological Studies


The Theological Studies degree develops your capacity for careful analysis and study of theology. You will learn the thoughts of great theologians while incorporating the disciplines of Christian spirituality from the evangelical perspective.

Integrative Studies

Tyndale’s Theological Studies focuses on studying theology and practicing Christian spirituality. It is designed to integrate several areas of study including: biblical studies, biblical languages, Christian theology, church history, and ministry formation. You will gain the knowledge, skills, and tools to be ready for church ministry or continued education in your future.


You will learn from great theologians such as John Calvin, John Wesley, and Martin Luther. Holistically studying the perspectives of several major theologians will give you the understanding, confidence, and answers to address difficult theological questions. Courses such as Philosophy for Understanding Theology, Historical Theology, and Contemporary Theology produce the foundation for you to develop as a theologian in your own right.


You will study in a contemporary, multicultural, and denominationally-diverse Christian community. Our professors tailor and teach courses such as Prayer and the People of God, Theology of the Human Person, World Religions, Christianity and Islam, and, Evil and Suffering to help you understand and address the issues relevant to today’s church.

Degree & Diploma Options

Master of Divinity

Number of courses: 27
Duration: 3 Years

Master of Theology

Number of courses: 6 courses + thesis
Duration: 1 Year

Concentration in Theological Studies

MTS and Graduate Diploma students may use their elective courses to complete a four-course concentration in Theological Studies

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Internship Requirements

An internship is required to successfully complete an MDiv in Theological Studies.
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