Frequently Asked Questions

I already registered for classes but I want to make changes to my schedule. Can I do that?

Yes, as long as changes are made within the add/drop period every fall or winter semester or by the assigned drop date for a spring/summer course.  There is no penalty to add or drop courses before the add/drop deadline.  This deadline is usually two weeks after the fall or winter semester has begun and before the first day of a spring/summer course.  After the deadline, no course additions can be made and course withdrawals are subject to the refund and withdrawal policy. This policy and the add/drop deadline are located on the registration page of the Office of the Registrar's website.

Where Can I Find School Policies?

The Academic Calendar and the Student Life website are excellent resources to find out our academic and student policies. Information related to classroom guidelines and expectations and student life on campus is found here.

An emergency has happened and I need to miss classes. Who do I contact?

The Dean of Students is your first point of contact in unexpected, crisis situations.  Depending on the situation, medical documentation or other supporting documents may be required to excuse absences or request last-minute extensions.  You may also be required to speak to your professors about arranging your work.

I am falling behind in my coursework. What do I do?

Speak to your professor immediately.  Do not wait until an assignment is late to inform them of what is happening. If there are extenuating circumstances or you are struggling to manage your time, make an appointment with Advising Services right away.