Students in classroom

Academic Advising Services

NOTE: Continuing our commitment to provide quality assistance to our students and support our course delivery this semester, the Centre for Academic Excellence will have virtual and in-person service options available. Academic Advising will be open on campus from Monday-Wednesday, with virtual services available Monday-Friday. Further inquiries can be sent to the Academic Advisor at advising [at] tyndale [dot] ca.

The Advising Services Office is part of the Centre for Academic Excellence and provides academic counsel to students at any point in their program.  It seeks to have students reach their full academic potential by providing training, coaching, and accountability in their academic journey.  Greater attention is given to students who require additional support or improvement.

We tailor our support to meet individual needs while ensuring students are working towards the academic requirements specified by their program.  Advising Services works closely with faculty and Student Services to build a holistic approach to the learning experience.  Our services are free of charge.

Who we support

All registered Tyndale students are welcome to utilize our services, including course and program planning, study plans, study schedules, assignment planning, and learning style inventories.