Alumni Updates

Amanda Goodison, RECE

I’m an RECE with the YMCA. Like many people, I was laid off due to the Corona Virus. When I began to feel bored like everyone else, the Y sent out an email to all their staff in child care asking if they would like to work in an Emergency Child Care Centre. I didn’t respond at first due...

Posted by: Amanda Goodison (Class of 2019) | Tyndale | 2020-05-29

Missional Mobile Church Pastor Johnny Peruch (Jaczynski)

Missional Mobile Church Pastor Johnny Peruch (Jaczynski)

Posted by: Johnny Jaczynski (Class of 2018) | Tyndale | 2020-03-23


After more than thirty years of pastoring churches in Ontario, officiating weddings along the way, I retired to meaningful and very diverse ministry in the community, developing a website of more than 450 pages of resources for officiating more than 60 weddings a year. From this experience I...

Posted by: Raymond Cross (Class of 1970) | Ontario Bible College | 2019-09-24

Moving Forward into a Second degree!

It is with great pleasure that I have the honor to announce that I, Jason Fleet, will be going into my second Bachelor of Arts in September 2019. I will be entering the turbulent field of Sexuality Studies, seeking God's path and His will as I immerse myself into the realm of identity theory...

Posted by: Jason Fleet (Class of 2018) | Tyndale | 2019-09-24

Chaplain of Kawartha Haliburton Chapter of Gideons

It is an honour to serve as chaplain with my local chapter of Gideons. I am carrying the torch so to speak, as my dad, Robert MacBrien (1925-2016), graduate of Toronto Bible College, 1952, now with the Lord, served with the Gideon ministry for 55 years. I would encourage all graduates who read this...

Posted by: Lois Foster (Class of 1989) | Ontario Bible College | 2019-09-24

Discerning Culture

I am happy to announce that my book, Discerning Culture: Knowing the Depths of Scriptural Christianity in a Culture of Scriptural Indifference was recently published.

Posted by: Marlon De Blasio, Ph.D. (Class of 1991) | Ontario Bible College | 2019-09-24


Currently, I am at the stage of ground work designing a Prayer and Retreat Center in the Capital City of Dodoma where there is no such a service for Christian groups and Pastors. The Prayer and Retreat Center covers 20 acres, 25 km outside the city of Dodoma.

Posted by: John Sweya (Class of 2002) | Tyndale | 2019-09-24

Tyndale Leadership Center sponsored seminar: Keeping My Mind - Dealing with life's questions in my lifetime

Questions? Questions? Questions? Do you have questions about your life experience that are causing you inner dissatisfaction? Then this seminar is for you! Spiritual people sometimes face this because they can’t make sense of apparent inconsistencies between what they expect from their...

Posted by: Adrian Peel (Class of 2005) | Tyndale | 2018-09-18

Lead Pastor

After serving for seven years as associate pastor at Oxford Baptist Church in Woodstock, Ontario, I have recently accepted a call to become the lead pastor at First Baptist Church in Armstrong, BC. We made the big move west this summer and are loving our new community.

Posted by: Jason Gervais (Class of 2005) | Tyndale | 2018-09-18

DMin Checked Off My Bucket List

I finished my Doctor of Ministry program, graduating from Nazarene Theological Seminary on May 5, 2018. The title of my Pastoral Research Project was "Producing Increased Spiritual Formation in Fathers and Sons Through Fathers Discipling Sons". I developed an app with two tracks that a...

Posted by: Steve Grove (Class of 1992) | Ontario Theological Seminary | 2018-07-05