Centre for Redemptive Entrepreneurship

Centre for Redemptive Entrepreneurship

at Tyndale University

The Centre for Redemptive Entrepreneurship (CRE) is a creative engine for Canadian redemptive entrepreneurship – to equip, support, and mentor emerging innovators motivated by their faith to shape culture through entrepreneurship.

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Christian entrepreneurs, particularly younger generations, have great potential to shape culture through businesses aligned with the biblical principles of stewardship and restoration. With the CRE, we are beginning a movement to reclaim the public square across Canada, demonstrating our faith in all spheres of God's kingdom.

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Philip Yan

Philip Yan

Director, Centre for Redemptive Entrepreneurship

Philip is the founder and chief experience designer of GenesisXD Inc.

He connects the dots between brand, experience design and technology. Before running his consultancy firm focusing on branding and marketing communications, Philip worked for award-winning studios as a senior designer and design director. His strategic consultation has proven success in many turnkey initiatives for financial and educational institutions, health care organizations, and not-for-profits.

As a two-time social entrepreneur, Philip led his company to cofound social enterprises to employ persons with barriers to employment, including a recycling company, Red Propeller and KLINK® Coffee to re-integrate former offenders into society. 

Philip keeps abreast of social innovation and technology developments and leverages the knowledge in his design thinking. He contributes articles on faith and technology, and faith and entrepreneurship to universities and academic societies. He is a member of the Global Advisory Council of Workplace Ministry for the Lausanne Movement. Philip also serves as a board member of the MoveIn Ministry, Canadian Centre for World Mission and Lausanne Movement Canada.

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