Tuition & Financial Aid

Below are Tuition fees, Residence fees, and available Financial Aid for the Bachelor of Education (BEd) program in Canadian dollars for 2021-2022. Prices and deadlines are subject to change.


The following tuition fees are for the entire 16-month BEd program at Tyndale, based on the track chosen. Amounts include all courses and fees, and are paid according due according to a payment schedule.

Track Tuition Fee
Primary/Junior Track $29,940
Primary/Junior with a Focus on the Teaching of French as a Second Language Track $31,437
Junior/Intermediate Track $29,940

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Residence and Meal Plans


Living in residence is an affordable option for BEd Teacher Candidates to be closer to classes and build friendships. The following is the residence fee for those who opt to stay in residence for the first year — August to July. The residence fee covering the remaining August to November time will be available the following academic year.

The BEd residence fee is divided into 3 payments covering 12 months. Student Financial Services will work with each BEd applicant who chooses to stay in residence to develop a manageable payment plan.

Room Type Residence Fee
Double Room (with half shared bathroom) $5,555

Tax Free Meal Plan

The meal plan is mandatory for those who choose to stay in residence. The residence fee above does not include this mandatory meal plan. The meal plan is only available during the two Fall semesters (August - December) and the Winter semester (January - April).

There are 4 tiers in the meal plan for you to choose according to your eating habits.

Tier Allowance Per Day Cost Per Semester
Base $13 $1,275
White $15 $1,475
Purple $16 $1,600
Gold $19 $1,950

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Financial Aid

We know that financing your education requires careful research and planning. Let us help by showing you the many opportunities available to make your Tyndale education more affordable. You are eligible to apply for Financial Aid once you receive your Offer of Admission.

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