Summer/Part-Time Employment

Summer and part-time jobs are not only an opportunity to earn cash! They are also a great way to gain valuable work experience. Even if your job isn’t in your field of study, any experience you can get will be beneficial to you in some way. Keep in mind that:

  • If you are working part-time and your income is low, fill out a government form called a TD1. This allows you to have the deductions kept to a minimum when your estimated annual income is below a set amount.
  • If you are also planning to get a government student loan, you must claim any money you make during the summer and during the school year. This income could affect the amount of money you receive from the government loan program (Remember too that you don’t have to pay back the money you earn! The loans must be repaid eventually.)
  • There are some jobs available on campus. Check out the list of student employment opportunities at Tyndale’s Human Resources office.