How To: Update your E-mail Notification Settings (Forum Digest) and will send you updates to any forums that you subscribe to.  To change the frequency and content of these e-mail updates, you need to change your E-mail Digest (Notification Settings)

  1. Log into with your username and password.  This is most likely the same as your MyTyndale username and password.

Login page on










2. Click the drop down arrow near your name and select Profile


3. Select the gear icon dropdown and select Forum Preferences

forum preferences



4. On the forum preferences page, under E-mail Digest Type, select one of the following:

  1. No Digest (One e-mail per forum post)
  2. Complete (One e-mail per day with full post)
  3. Subjects (One e-mail per day with the subjects only)

Forum prefercences


5. Select your Forum auto-subscribe settings:

  1. Yes:  Automatically recieve updates from a forum that you post to
  2. No:  Receive no e-mail updates from a forum that you post to

Forum tracking


6. When complete, select Save Changes on the buttom of the screen to continue.

save changes button