Resources For Printing

Resources for Printing

Access Your Print Account

Access your Tyndale printing account to load funds and print PDF files.


Is a Printer Running Low On Paper Or Toner?

Please fill out this form to let IT know if a printer is running low on supplies and we will refill and restock the printer and cabinet ASAP.

Request Supplies

All Tyndale printers have the following associated costs with printing and scanning:

  • Black & white printing/copying $0.08/page
  • Colour printing/copying $0.35/page
  • Scanning to email $0.00/page

Active Printers

Fiery_PrintAnywhere Printers

  • The QEW Seminary printer located in A301A.
  • The DVP Undergrad printer located in F402B.
  • The Gardiner Admissions Dept. printer located in F315.

PrintAnywhere Printers Accessible to Students

  • The Warden Library printer located in the  Main Library in CH217.
  • The Woodbine B.Ed Admin Area printer located outside A321.
  • The Kennedy Library printer located in the Main Library in CH217.
  • The Don Mills Education Library printer located in the ABBA Centre in A206.

PrintAnywhere Printers Not Accessible to Students

  • The Lawrence Counselling printer located outside The Wellness Centre in A505A.
  • The Sheppard Registration printer located in E302.
  • The Bay Business Office printer located in E404.
  • The Bathurst Reception printer located in CH302.
  • The Danforth Presidents Office printer located in CH401.
  • The Bloor Campus Services printer located in CH312A.
  • The Leslie Library Staff Room printer located in C203.

Having trouble locating a printer? View the campus map to find one closest to you.

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