How To: Moodle Course Pages - Basic

To access your course page in

  1. Browse to /
  2. Log in using your Tyndale user name and password
  3. Select your course page from the list of courses

Enable Editing

  1. Select Turn Editing On from the title bar.

Turn edit on/off

  1. You will now be in Edit view.

Edit View


Edit Mode Overview

  1. Courses on are split up into sections (sometimes referred to as Weeks) to help organize
  2. Each section consists of the following:
    1. Section Summary
    2. Activities and / or Resources
  3. You may re-arrange sections by using the Drag and Drop method by selecting the Move icon to the left of the section name, holding the mouse button down as you move the section, and releasing it when in the appropriate location on the Course.  Section names will remain in the same position, however all content will move down to the next section

Edit view rearrange

  1. You may hide or unhide sections by selecting the EDIT > Hide week icon on the right of the section.  The eye will appear open for visible or closed for hidden.

Hide Week


Changing the Section Name / Summary

  1. Select the EditEdit Week icon in the section you wish to edit

Edit Week

  1. By default, the Section will have the dates as the title.  You may change this by de-selecting the Custom checkbox and entering a new title in the Section name field.
  2. Enter the description and select Save changes when complete

Custom Name



Adding Activities or Resources

  1. Select the Add an activity or resource link from within the section you wish to add content to

Adding activity

  1. The Add an activity or resource window will appear

Adding activity window


  1. Select the activity (requires student action) or resource (information for students) from the list.  You can see more details in the right side of the window by selecting the activity or resource.  When ready to add the item, select Add.
  2. You will be taken to the Activity / Resource properties page.  You are only required to insert the name and sometimes the description when first adding to the page.  You may edit all properties (including name and description) at a later time.  When complete, select Save and return to course to return to the course main page, Save and display to show the activity or resource you have just added, or Cancel to discard all changes and return to the main page.  See Activity and Resource Properties below for more information on each of the fields.

Resources: Drag and Drop

Resources can be added by using the drag and drop method from your computer to the Moodle Course.

  1. Have a web browser open to your course with Editing enabled
  2. Open the location on your computer where the file you would like to add to your Course is saved
  3. Select the file and drag it to your course by holding the mouse button and releasing it when at the appropriate location on your course page
  4. The file will upload and be available to edit as per below

Editing Activities and Resources

Each Activity and Resource has editing tools visible next to the name while in edit mode.

activity properties


From Left to Right:

  1. Edit settings
  2. Move right
  3. Hide
  4. Duplicate
  5. Assign Role
  6. Delete

Activity Properties

Below is a summary of select activity properties. 

  1. Activities:  Assignment
    1. Assignment Settings
      1. Allow submissions from:  When course will begin to accept submissions
      2. Due date:  Any submissions after this point are marked as late
      3. Prevent late submissions:  If set to yes, will no longer accept submissions after the Due date and time.  Default: No
      4. Require students to click submit button:  Allows students to upload drafts.  By clicking the submit button, students will signify they are finished and the assignment is ready to mark.  Default: No
      5. Notify graders about submissions:  Will send e-mail to Teacher when new submissions are received.  Default: Yes
    2. Submission Settings
      1. Online text:  Offers a text box for students to copy and paste into.  Default: No
      2. File submissions:  Allows students to upload files from their computer.  Default: Yes
    3. Feedback settings
      1. Feedback comments:  Enables option for grader to leave comments on the assignment.  Default: No
      2. Feedback files:  Enables option for grader to upload file with feedback on the assignment.  Default: No
    4. Grade
      1. Grade:  Define the weight of the assignment
      2. Grading method
        1. Simple direct grading:  Enter a number
        2. Marking guide:  Grade based on a pre-defined set of criteria
        3. Rubric:  Allows teacher to define a rubric.  Score will be translated to grade.
  2. Activities:  Alternate Assignment Types
    1. Advanced uploading of files:  Allows multiple file uploads
    2. Online text:  Allows students to copy and paste or compose text online
    3. Upload a single file:  Allows students to upload one file
    4. Offline activity:  Allows students to complete the assignment offline (e.g. on paper or oral activity) and the teacher will input the grades manually.
  3. Activities: Forum
    1. General
      1. Subscription mode:  Set up e-mail notifications for new posts.  Default: Optional subscription
      2. Read tracking for this forum:  Keep track of what posts have been read
  4. Activities: Quiz
    1. Timing
      1. Open the quiz:  When the quiz is available to students.  Default: Disabled
      2. Close the quiz:  When the quiz is no longer available to students.  Default:  Disabled
      3. Time limit:  Allow students a set length of time to complete the quiz.  Default:  Disabled
      4. When time expires:  Action to take when the time limit runs out
    2. Grade
      1. Attempts allowed:  Number of attempts of quiz allowed
      2. Grading method:  Select which attempt to accept as the final grade
    3. Layout
      1. Question order:  As shown on edit screen or shuffled randomly
      2. New page:  Select number of questions per page
    4. Question behaviour
      1. Shuffle within questions:  Randomize answer choices for multiple choice.  Default: Yes
      2. How questions behave:  Select the feedback mode.  Default:  Deferred feedback
    5. Review options
      1. Granular settings for students to review quiz

Other Activities and Resources

(Activities and Resources not listed are for advanced users and should not be implemented without first consulting IT)

  • Activities:  Chat
    • Create a chat session for students to interact with each other online
  • Activities:  Choice
    • Enable a multiple choice question on the main page
  • Activities: Database
    • Creates a user-defined database for storage or records, links, references, pictures, etc.
  • Activities:  Glossary
    • Create a list of definitions or details for use
  • Activities: Lesson
    • Grouping of pages and activities for self-directed learning
  • Activities:  Wiki
    • Collaborative creation of web pages and glossaries
  • Activities: Workshop
    • Option to allow students to submit digital content and review peers’ submissions.
  • Resources: Book
    • Collection of pages with chapters and subchapters.  Can include text and media files
  • Resources:  File
    • Uploaded file.  Can be in any of multiple formats
  • Resources:  Folder
    • Allows a location to store related files
  • Resources:  Label
    • Text that assists in separating and categorizing content on your course page
  • Resources:  Page
    • A separate page to store content relating to the section