How To: Moodle - Set up a Forum

  1. From your course page in, log in, and select Turn Editing On

Turn Edit on


  1. In the section you wish to add the forum, select Add an activity or resource
    Adding activitiy


  1. Select the radio button beside Forum followed by Add

    Forum Radio
  1. Set up the Forum
    1. General
      1. Forum name – The name that will display on the course page
      2. Forum type
        1. A single simple discussion – One topic to respond to
        2. Each person posts one discussion –Limited to one new discussion topic per student
        3. Q and A forum – Limits visibility to all replies until after student initially replies
        4. Standard forum displayed in blog-like format – posts are listed chronologically
        5. Standard forum for general use – students may create and reply to as many topics as they wish
      3. Forum introduction – Information about the forum.  This will be the first post of the Single simple discussion type.
      4. Subscription mode – Do students receive e-mail notifications of new posts in forums after posting? 
      5. Read tracking for this forum – Flag new posts since last logon as unread

Forum setup

  1. Post threshold for blocking
    1. Useful to stop spammers in public forums.  Not as useful for academic settings
  2. Grade
    1. Connects to Moodle Gradebook
    2. Can track participation
  3. Ratings
    1. Students can rank posts
    2. Useful for Gradebook
  4. Common module settings
    1. Group settings
  5. Select Save and return to course to display the main course page, Save and display to show the forum, or Cancel to discard changes and return to the course page.

Save and return