How To: Moodle - Class Lists

Exporting From the Moodle Gradebook

It is possible to export your Moodle Gradebook to Excel. To do so please follow the below directions:

1. Navigate to the desired course.

2. Click on the "Grades" tab

Grades tab

3. From the drop down menu  where "grader report" is currently selected locate the “Export” options and select “Excel Spreadsheet” (see figure 1). Note: scroll down to see this option.

Moodle gradebook setup menu item with View grader report link highlighted

>>>>>>  Click the "Expand all" link Expand All Link       

4. You should now see the “Export to Excel spreadsheet” screen. This screen allows
users to select the options for the report. It is possible to include written feedback to students by selecting the “Include feedback in export” option.

Moodle Export to Excel spreadsheet screen

5.  Click the “Download” button to download the file in an XLS format.