Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams

If you are experiencing an issue with Microsoft Teams, try these fixes:

  1. Restart your device
  2. Try uninstalling and re-installing Microsoft Teams if using the desktop version
  3. Try a different version of Microsoft Teams
  4. Make sure you are logged into your Tyndale account
    • Click the profile icon on the top-right of Microsoft Teams, make sure you are logged into your or account.
    • If not, sign out, close the Teams window, and sign in again.
  5. Test your audio and video settings ahead of time
    • Click on your profile picture, go to Settings and then the Devices tab, make sure you have a camera and/or microphone selected from the dropdown box, and click Make a test call to test your selected settings. Make sure your voice can be heard and/or your camera is displaying properly.
  6. Make sure you are in the Chat tab to avoid missing messages
    • Microsoft Teams does not start in the Chat tab on first use, make sure to go there and check that you have not already received any messages.
  7. If using a VPN (Virtual private Network), make sure it is turned off before making a call on Microsoft Teams
  8. (Mac) Make sure Microsoft Teams has permission to access your camera and microphone
    • Your first login should prompt you to give permission to your camera/microphone/screen, but if not try the following:
      1. In the top left of your desktop, go to the Apple Menu, then select System Preferences
      2. Click the “Security & Privacy” icon
      3. Click the “Privacy” tab
      4. Click the little padlock in the bottom left (if necessary)
      5. Go through the “Accessibility,” “Camera,” “Microphone,” and “Screen Recording” tabs and check the “Microsoft Teams” boxes
      6. Close. Logout/exit Teams. Reopen and then try again.
  9. Error: “To re-enable the application the tab needs to be refreshed.”
    • Google Chrome (Note: This will log you out of ALL websites where you have automatic login enabled)
      1. Click the “More” button (3 dots in the top right corner)
      2. Click More tools > Clear browsing data
      3. Choose “All time” for time range
      4. Check the “cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” boxes
      5. Click Clear data
      6. Close your browser
    • Apple Safari
      1. Go to “Safari Preferences”
      2. Privacy
      3. Uncheck the option next to “Prevent cross-site tracking”
      4. Logout, close browser, and log back in