Master’s Seminary and Tyndale Seminary sign new agreement to offer MTS – Pentecostal Studies

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

As part of the celebration of a 20-year partnership between Tyndale Seminary and Master’s Seminary, the two schools signed a new  Memorandum of Understanding to launch the Master of Theological Studies (MTS)  – Pentecostal Studies program into the next chapter. Rev. Rich Janes, President of Master’s College and Seminary, and Dr. Gary Nelson, President of Tyndale Seminary, signed the agreement at a ceremony on Tyndale’s campus.

The MTS – Pentecostal Studies brings together the strengths of both seminaries. The strong Pentecostal roots from Master’s are broadened within Tyndale’s multidenominational and multiethnic community. Through this partnership, graduates gain the ability to effectively articulate their faith and beliefs and understand the Pentecostal distinctives within the broader evangelical context.

“The agreement reflects the desire of each Seminary to promote high-quality theological education for the people of God,” says Dr. Gary Nelson. “We are honoured to partner with Master’s Seminary to promote the effective equipping of leaders and ministers of the gospel to better serve the Kingdom.”

The degree is designed to offer students greater flexibility. The new Pentecostal minor allows students to major in the core discipline of their choice and still receive a solid foundation in Pentecostal studies. Study options such as online courses and live streaming are available to those who do not live within commuting distance. There is also the option to complete a three-year degree at Master’s College and be accepted straight into the MTS program. This partnership uniquely offers the accredited courses required for ordination with the PAOC.   

“Our partnership with Tyndale has provided a place for Pentecostals to explore their tradition while benefiting from the best of evangelical scholarship,” says Dr. Van Johnson, Dean of Master’s Seminary.  “This unique partnership strengthens the global body of Christ by producing better Pentecostals.”


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