Community Chapel - Dr. Gary Nelson

About Dr. Gary Nelson

Dr. Nelson brings to the Seminary proven experience in pastoral work and congregational revitalization as well as teaching experience at numerous seminaries across Canada. Before taking up his role as General Secretary of Canadian Baptist Ministries, he served congregations both as staff member and lead pastor, and was the founding director of an urban leadership training initiative. Most recently he served as pastoral leader of a historic downtown church in Edmonton that underwent significant renewal and revitalization into a dynamic contemporary congregation. Teaching and speaking take him throughout Canada, the United States and around the world, animating congregations and denominations to think in new ways. Gary’s passion is encouraging local congregations to engage their local communities and the global world. He is co-author with Don Posterski of Future Faith Churches (Woodlake Books, 1997). His most recent book, Borderland Churches: A Congregation’s Introduction to Missional Living (Chalice Press, 2008) serves as an introduction to the challenge of missional living at the congregational level.
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