Chapel - Professor Donald Goertz

Professor Donald Goertz

This week, we’re honoured to have Professor Donald Goertz, Associate Professor of Church History and Director of the Master of Divinity Church in the City: In-Ministry Program at Tyndale Seminary, bring a message to our community. Retiring this summer after almost 30 years of loyal service to Tyndale and in conjunction with Tyndale’s 125th Anniversary, Professor Goertz speaks from his rich memory of Tyndale’s institutional history and his deep desire for the church in Canada and around the world to thrive.

Professor Goertz’s teaching areas of specialization are Canadian church history, Baptist history, spirituality, and missional leadership. Professor Goertz, an ordained pastor in the Baptist Church of Ontario and Quebec, brings to his position at Tyndale a passion for the Church and for preparing people to integrate their faith with their personal and professional lives. He is a regular speaker in a variety of church settings and is a popular seminar and retreat facilitator on such diverse topics as prayer, grief, leadership, church renewal and spiritual formation. He is a member of several societies, including the Canadian Society of Church History and the Canadian Baptist Historical Society. He has authored numerous papers and articles and has contributed to a variety of publications in the areas of church history and spiritual formation. Professor Goertz particularly enjoys interaction with Toronto’s multicultural communities and sits on a number of missions-related boards.

Speaker: Professor Donald Goertz
Chapel Date: Tuesday April 2, 2019
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