Chapel - Jennifer Lau

Jennifer Lau

This week is a continuation with our special series of talks in honour of our retiring president, Dr. Gary Nelson by welcoming Jennifer Lau, Associate Executive Director of Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) to our pulpit.

Jennifer has served with CBM since 2002, primarily focusing on providing the marketing strategy and direction for all of CBM’s endeavors in Canada. As the Associate Executive Director, she is also responsible for overseeing the organization’s operations. Jennifer created CBM’s magazine, Mosaic, and continues to serve as its Managing Editor. In her time at CBM, Jennifer has traveled across Canada and to many countries around the world, seeking to connect Canadian Baptists to the people CBM serves globally. Her passion is to help people situate their own faith journeys within the global community, and encourage them to faithfully follow Jesus into the world.

Speaker: Jennifer Lau
Chapel Date: Tuesday January 28, 2020
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