Preaching Conference 2023 - Preaching to Reach the World in Our Neighbourhood

Preaching Conference Workshops

Pastor Sunder Krishnan

Preaching Master Class

Sunder Krishnan

Part 1: The Seamless Connection Between Who I Am and What I Preach

Part 1 of this two part workshop, will explore the inner life of the preacher that leads preaching that induces worship.

Part 2:  The Seamless Connection Between Who I Am and What I Preach

Part 2 of this two part workshop, will look at prayer — specifically praying for the manifestation of glory in our preaching, for the content of our sermons and for authority in the pulpit.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Li-Hui Tang

Intercultural Panel

Rev. Dr. Timothy Li-Hui Tang

Join us for this dialogue surrounding the diversity in preaching.

  • What are the distinctives and nuances that go beyond just style and format?
  • Are there actually differences that we can or need to identify that go beyond just what is “good” communication?

Bring your questions and join the conversation. This breakout will feature a panel of seasoned preachers with varied backgrounds and contexts all coming together to share their experiences and expertise.

Dorothy Pang

Intercultural Competency

TIM Centre

  • Is preaching “interculturally” just something we need to read about?
  • Is this a skill or a set of words?
  • Does intercultural preaching encompass something beyond just what happens on a Sunday morning?

In our day, being inclusive in our diversity is more than just a skin colour and more than simply language. And yet, with migration and immigration – both in the past and in the present – there has been a collision of ethnic cultures at the doorsteps of our local neighbourhoods and church. How do we develop the essential skills to equip ourselves and our leaders, to move beyond the welcome to embrace truly “multicultural” communities of faith that are transformative.

Grace Lee

Wellness and Care

Grace Lee, RMT

This Wellness and Care Seminar will provide space for physical, emotional, and spiritual rejuvenating and support. During this time, you will have the opportunity to spend some time with a Spiritual Director; learn some new movements & stretches to ease those tense muscles; or receive prayer in a safe, confidential environment.

Join this seminar if you are feeling overwhelmed physically or mentally and need some space to rest and be blessed.