Important Academic Dates

The following are important academic dates for undergraduate students. Some dates may not apply to BEd and cohort-based programs. Check with your program coordinator for details.

You can find past important academic dates in the academic calendar.

Due to the current COVID situation, dates could be subject to changes. Any updates will be announced on the Tyndale website.

Spring/Summer 2021

Date Day Event
May 3 Monday Spring/Summer courses begin
May 24 Monday Victoria Day (no classes)
Jun 21 - Jul 2 Monday - Friday BEd Reading Weeks (2020-2021)
Jul 1 Thursday Canada Day (no classes)
Aug 2 - Aug 6 Monday - Friday BEd Reading Week (2020-2021)
Aug 2 Monday Civic Holiday (no classes)
Aug 3 Tuesday BEd begins (2021-2022)

Fall 2021

Date Day Event
Aug 20 Friday Fall Registration deadline (late fee applies after 5pm)
Aug 31 Tuesday Fall Paper Convocation Application deadline
Sep 5 Sunday Move-In Day (New Students only) *Reopening of residences is subject to change as we need to oblige by public health regulations
Sep 5 - Sep 7 Sunday - Tuesday New Student Orientation
Sep 6 Monday Labour Day
Sep 8 Wednesday Fall classes begin
Sep 14 Tuesday Commencement Chapel
Sep 21 Tuesday Last day to add/drop Fall courses without penalty
Oct 11 Monday Thanksgiving (no classes)
Oct 12 - Oct 15 Tuesday - Friday Reading Days (no classes)
Nov 1 Monday Fall Paper Convocation
Nov 16 Tuesday Final day to drop a course
Nov 26 Friday BEd ends (2020-2021)
Dec 6 Monday BEd Paper Convocation
Dec 7 Tuesday Last day of classes
Dec 8 Wednesday Reading Day (no classes)
Dec 9 - Dec 17 Thursday - Friday Final Exams (including Saturday)
Dec 10 Friday Spring Convocation Early Application deadline (late fee applies after 5pm)
Dec 10 Friday Winter Registration deadline (late fee applies after 5pm)
Dec 24 - Jan 3 Friday - Monday Tyndale Closed

Winter 2022

Date Day Event
Jan 1 Saturday New Year's Day (no classes)
Jan 3 Monday New Year's Day Observed (no classes)
Jan 4 Tuesday Tyndale Re-opens
Jan 4 - Jan 8 Tuesday - Saturday January Intersession
Jan 10 Monday Winter classes begin
Jan 10 Monday New Student Orientation
Jan 21 Friday Last day to add/drop Winter courses without penalty
Jan 31 Monday Spring Convocation Final Application deadline
Feb 21 Monday Family Day (no classes)
Feb 22 - Feb 25 Tuesday - Friday Reading Days (no classes)
Mar 14 - Mar 18 Monday - Friday BEd Reading Week (2021-2022)
Mar 18 Friday Final day to drop a course
Apr 5 Tuesday Convocation Chapel
Apr 8 Friday Last day of classes
Apr 11 - Apr 22 Monday - Friday Final Exams
Apr 15 Friday Good Friday (no classes/exams)
May 28 Saturday Spring Convocation