A Contemplative Teaching Retreat with Jeanette Bakke

Here are some reports from this retreat ...

In the early fall of 2009, thirty-five of us – gathered mostly from the TASD community - came together for a very special time of overnight retreat, worship, teaching, silence and fellowship.  We were blessed to have Jeanette Bakke, an experienced spiritual director and retreat leader, as well as author in the area of spiritual direction (Holy Invitations), come to lead us.  Her gentle and forthright style of leading helped each one deepen in their A Teaching Retreat featuring a room full of people listening to Jeanette Bakkeunderstanding and practice of this spiritually formative ministry.  For some, the extended periods of silence were a great blessing and refreshing as we reconnected with God’s “still small voice”.  For others, the silence was a new and somewhat perplexing, even uncomfortable experience.  We experienced God in many and various ways.  For me personally, the teaching continues to ‘echo’ into my practice of spiritual direction.  It was good to be together.
Sharon Bradimore
Program Officer, TASD

The Contemplative Teaching Retreat with Jeanette Bakke was a watershed event for me.  After a year so of "life-in-transition", the Bakke retreat brought silence back into my life. In fact, it has brought me to a new place with God.  The silence lingers even to this date.  It was in the silence that I heard God's call to a new ministry of spiritual formation.
Eva Lau,
Financial Officer, TASD executive

Jeanette Bakke speaking to a room full of people at a teaching retreatI had read Jeanette Bakke's book, Holy Invitations a few years ago...and was delighted for the opportunity to attend a Contemplative Teaching Retreat directed by her. I felt like the retreat was also a holy invitation to spend some quality and directed time with the Lord and others of like hearts toward spiritual direction. "Holy" means set apart for God...and this was the gift for all of us that participated. One special thing I carried away that I have used was her introducing us to a visualized "body" prayer with hand movements: "In the name of God the Father, Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit, I gather all the pieces of myself into my heart. I open my heart to you, Lord God. Come into my heart and transform me...That I may be your person in the world. Amen." Let me encourage you to ask someone that attended the retreat to teach you the hand movements...or be creative and visualize hand movements that express the words of the prayer above.
Barbara Haycraft, DMin.
Dean of Student Life,
Tyndale University College & Seminary