Finding a Spiritual Director

"How does one select a spiritual director? In many ways the process is similar to the ways we chose a counselor, a mentor, or a friend. Anytime we seek a meaningful relationship, we need to be intentional. When we search for a spiritual director, we also have the opportunity to hold our own ideas gently and to recognize God’s. The Holy Spirit is the one who brings people together for spiritual direction. Our task is to discern when we should take part in direction and with whom. Prayer is the primary pathway for our search."- Jeannette A. Bakke

Choosing a Spiritual Director

In choosing a spiritual director you will want to know the spiritual director’s qualifications to be a spiritual director, their theological underpinnings, their approach to spiritual direction, and the accountability mechanisms that they have put in place. This is a very intimate relationship where you wish to grow in intimacy and vulnerability with God. For the spiritual director to help you with that journey there needs to be the potential for trust and vulnerability in the director-directee relationship. By choosing a TASD member as your director you know the following important things:

Theological Underpinnings

The director has a Masters Degree from Tyndale Seminary or a similarly accredited seminary. All TASD members have also subscribed to the Tyndale Statement of Faith. This provides you with a director well grounded in Christian orthodoxy.

Qualifications as a Spiritual Director

The director has completed the Tyndale Spiritual Direction program or similarly rigorous program that assures you that the director has a combination of theological studies related to the field and supervised practical experience.

You will want to meet with one or more spiritual directors as part of your prayerful discernment process and it is recommended that you chose a spiritual director who is a fully participating and accountable member of a local church and whom is receiving supervision as a spiritual director by a qualified spiritual director supervisor.

You may also wish to ask your potential spiritual director some of the following questions:

  1. What is your approach to spiritual direction?
  2. How do you continue your education in spiritual direction ministry?
  3. What ethical guidelines do you abide by? There are TASD ethical guidelines to which our members subscribe.
  4. Is there an engagement agreement which clarifies the roles and responsibilities of both parties?

As you go away from such a meeting with a spiritual director you will both want to pray and discern whether God seems to be calling both of you to this relationship.

Find a Spiritual Director